Expert Solutions for All Your Veterinary Needs

We have comprehensive solutions to improve your animals’ health and ensure you have the veterinary instruments you need to care for them successfully. Whether you’re a livestock producer, veterinarian, or pet parent, we have effective solutions for your livestock, poultry, horses, and companion animals.

Surgical Instruments

Browse our globally trusted line of medical and surgical instruments consists of sutures, scalpels, forceps, and more.


Our broad needle selection is sure to fit your needs. Choose from stainless steel, detectable, and disposable needles.


Our portfolio offers automatic, disposable, pole, repeater, reusable, and semi-automatic syringes to assist you in animal care.

Animal Husbandry

We provide everything from castration kits and elastrators, to Barnes type and electric dehorners and much more to make castration and dehorning easy.

Calving & Lambing

We offer various supplies to make delivery as safe and easy as possible. We have the solutions you need, from bottle holders to calf snares and OB chains and handles to braided tape.

Drenching & Pour-on Instruments

Explore our drench guns and pour-on applicators for a broad spectrum of duties. We also provide dewormers, insecticides, and much more.

Feeding & Oral Instruments

We provide various animal oral instruments like metal and plastic balling guns, dose syringes and pipes, rumen magnets, stomach pumps, and more to assist with animal care.

Grooming & Tack

Our line of quality equine grooming and tack products features shampoos, brushes and combs, polo wrap, and hand shears.

Sorting & Marking

We provide sorting panels, poles, and livestock prods to help make marking a breeze. For livestock marking, we offer sticks, tail paints, and a variety of spray paints.

Hoof Care

We offer trimming discs, cutters, nippers, testers, shears, hoof knives and cohesive wrap for goats, sheep, horses, cattle, swine.


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