Sheep Genomic Solutions

Sheep genetics play a crucial role in the Australian sheep industry. As a breeder, it’s important to identify and use the best genetics to increase flock productivity and profitability. Sheep DNA testing helps you to make informed breeding decisions by providing you with accurate genetic information. Sheep DNA testing is a powerful tool to improve the accuracy of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) and the genetic merit of your flock.

At Neogen Australasia, we offer three types of sheep DNA tests – GGP Ovine 50K, Sheep Parentage Test, and Flock Profile Test. Read on to find out more about each test.

Sheep Parentage Test

GGP Ovine 50K

The GGP Ovine 50K is the standard test used by the industry to genotype animals in several breeds, including Merino, Poll Dorset, White Suffolk, Border Leicester, Composite Maternal, Coopworth, Corriedale, Dorper, White Dorper, Hampshire Down, Southdown, Suffolk & Texel. The test predicts genomic breeding values for traits such as wool weight, intramuscular fat or shear force. The GGP Ovine 50K test can also be used for parentage and horn/poll analysis.

Sheep Parentage Test

Sheep Parentage Test

The Sheep DNA Parentage test is a powerful tool to link a lamb to its dam and/or sire. You can use this test for all breeds of sheep, and it also identifies polled or horned sires or dams in Merinos. Accurate assignment of a pedigree increases the accuracy of ASBV estimates and the rate of genetic gain in your flock.

Flock Profile DNA Test

Flock Profile Test

The Flock Profile Test provides you with an estimate of your flock’s average genetic merit on an Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) scale. You can genotype 20 ewes or rams to get this estimate. This test is available only for the Merino breed. It helps you to identify the most genetically superior animals in your flock and enables you to make informed breeding decisions.

Flock Profile Sheep DNA Test

Sheep Poll Test

Sheep Poll Test identifies polled or horned sires and dams in Merino breed. The Sheep Horn Poll is a revolutionary genetic test designed by the Sheep CRC to speed up the progress towards a purely poll flock in Merino breeding. The test determines the poll status of both parents, which in turn provides a prediction of the progeny’s poll status.