Seismic shift creates barely a ripple

One of the most significant changes to the local food safety industry in recent times came to its conclusion in December, ending a process that began more than twelve months ago.

In September of 2022, it was announced that Neogen would be combining with 3M’s Food Safety Division, and in doing so would acquire some well-known and highly regarded product lines including Petrifilm® and the Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System. Neogen Food Safety Products

The very complex process of restructuring manufacturing, distribution and support systems across 140 countries and numerous product lines was phased in over several stages, with different countries completing the transition at different times.

For companies based in Australia and New Zealand, all products from the former 3M Food Safety Division quietly became available through Neogen on 4th December. Neogen is now responsible for order taking, order fulfillment, customer service, technical service, and most other customer-facing interactions.

Companies who source these products through third-party independent distributors may have barely noticed the transition, particularly as some of the manufacturing will continue to be contracted to 3M factories for a while yet. However, it will soon become apparent as old 3M branded stock is gradually replaced by Neogen branded versions.

While on the surface, the structural changes behind the scenes will barely raise a ripple, the ongoing benefits to the Australian food and beverage manufacturing industry are likely to be significant and widespread.

FS_MonitorsBoth companies were already industry leaders in food safety, but combining their resources has resulted in a massive increase in Neogen’s capacity to deliver on its ambition of using science and technology to fuel a brighter future for global food security.

The expanded portfolio allows Neogen to utilise the best features of a much wider range of products to deliver comprehensive solutions that are specific to the needs of individual businesses.

The expertise that came across as part of the agreement has also greatly enhanced Neogen’s ability to operate at the forefront of innovation. More than 300 scientists and engineers around the world are now working together to make food safety practices simpler and more effective.

On the ground, Neogen has an experienced team based across Australia and New Zealand to provide unprecedented technical advice and support. They can draw upon their global resources more efficiently because they understand how to apply them to local requirements.

In short, Neogen has taken the best aspects of each business and combined them into the new organisation, and the beneficiaries will be local producers and processors looking for ways to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturers of food and beverages in this part of the world now have access to an unparalleled level of locally based service and support with industry-leading solutions across food microbiology, allergen and toxin testing, sanitation monitoring, and much more.