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When it comes to hygiene monitoring, you’ve got a lot on the line. Lost production time can cost a fortune, so timely and accurate information is critical. You have been trusted to identify hygiene risks and keep them under control to protect both your customers and your business. You need a reliable, practical system so you can make the right call and get things moving fast.

An effective and efficient monitoring system lets you objectively evaluate your cleaning procedures so you can confidently make the high-risk decision to start production. This requires more than a simple visual inspection. And it requires more rapid results than those given by microbiological tests.

Microorganisms and organic residue contain adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which can be easily detected to measure cleaning. ATP testing is a widely accepted approach to hygiene monitoring that differs from other methods in that it is rapid, sensitive, quantitative, efficient and simple to use.

But not all ATP hygiene monitoring systems are the same.

The Neogen® Clean-Trace® Hygiene Monitoring and Management System with patented technology and design is the complete ATP system you need.

And it begins with sample collection.

You don’t have time for inefficient testing — you need to get in, get your sample and get out. Clean-Trace ATP Tests are simple to use. The long, flexible swabs are designed to get into hard-to-reach areas and come pre-moistened so you can just grab and go.

Then come the results.

The multi-award-winning Clean-Trace Luminometer (LM1) was developed over five years to ensure it would be the industry benchmark. It was designed, engineered and tested in consultation with 1400 end-users working in food production facilities all around the world. They told us what you needed. And we delivered.

The LM1 features faster time to result and easy, one-handed operation so you can multi-task. Its ergonomic design makes testing simple, minimizing training time and costs. And it’s reliable.

A quality ATP hygiene monitoring system should be able to provide stable results over time and at different temperatures. And it should be able to provide the same results for the same sample consistently and repeatedly at each temperature.

Unlike other systems on the market, Clean-Trace is both stable and consistent. And with a higher degree of repeatability and lower variability, you’ll get accurate results you can count on.

Finally, a system isn’t complete without meaningful and actionable insights.

The intuitive and user-friendly Clean-Trace Hygiene Management System software turns data into information, helping you make better, more educated decisions so you can take decisive action quickly and confidently.

Being able to rapidly pinpoint exactly where a problem occurs, and predict where issues could happen in the future, reduces unnecessary recleaning and downtime for faster and more efficient production. Clean-Trace allows you to be proactive and prevent small problems before they become big ones.

And the best continues to get better.

Since Neogen acquired the 3M Food Safety Division in 2022, we have doubled our network of technical experts. We now have more than 300 scientists and engineers constantly working on new and innovative solutions to make your food safety practices even simpler and more effective.

Customer-driven improvements to the latest Clean-Trace software release provide additional actionable insights. Reporting capabilities have been enhanced along with improvements to the functionality and usability of both the desktop software and LM1 software.

With local support you can count on.

Protecting the world’s food supply is a big responsibility — but you don’t have to do it alone. Neogen has people on the ground throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide technical help and exceptional service.  And they are backed by the collective resources of one of the world’s leading Food Safety companies. It’s our job to help you mitigate risk and improve operations — every batch, every shift, every day.

The Neogen Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring System is the complete ATP system that was made for you and your team. Developed and enhanced with improved accuracy, speed and usability for more efficient production, to save you money and to give you greater peace of mind.

Contact Neogen today to find out how Clean-Trace can help protect your brand and your business.

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