Neogen Megazyme: A Global Leader in Analytical Reagents, Enzymes & Assay Kits

For over 30 years, Megazyme has offered solutions to the food quality market with a range of high-quality analytical reagents. The Megazyme products and methods set new standards in accuracy, reliability and convenience for customers around the world. But you might not know that Megazyme is now part of Neogen, the first name in food safety and global food security. As a leader in dietary fiber analysis, we now offer you more solutions, more access, and more support at every step of the food chain, in every corner of the world.

We offer more than just products. In-house manufacturing in Ireland guarantees a secure supply chain with readily available stock. Additionally, support is available from experienced scientists and our local team is on hand to assist you with any analytical challenges you may have, a service valued by our customers.

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Analytical Reagents, Enzymes & Assay Kits

Food Quality Solutions for Every Industry

Neogen®'s Megazyme range of high-purity enzymes and cutting-edge assay kits are perfect for biorefineries of all generations wishing to monitor and optimise their processes.
Biotechnology & Enzyme Manufacturing
Analytical Laboratories
Animal Feed & Nutrition
Malting, Brewing & Distilling
Dairy & Infant Formula
Neogen®'s Megazyme range makes the science of wine analysis accessible to vineyards of any size.

Key Product Categories:

Suitable For
• commercial laboratories providing analytical services to third party customers
• processed food, beverage and animal feed manufacturers: for raw material / in-process / QC analysis and labelling
• R&D personnel in academia/industry

The D-/L-Lactic Acid (D-/L-Lactate) (Rapid) test kit is used for the rapid and specific concurrent measurement and analysis of L-lactic acid (L-lactate) and D-lactic acid (D-lactate) in beverages, meat, dairy and food products.

Assay Kits

Megazyme biochemical assay kits cater to a wide range of industries such as food, cereals and dietary fiber, dairy, analytical laboratories, animal feed and nutrition, biofuels, biotechnology, wine, malting and brewing, and research.

When coupled with the various analyzers available from Megazyme, a bespoke solution for users at every level is available. Many Megazyme methods have been validated by international bodies and in most cases, a number of different assay kit formats (manual, microplate, auto-analyser) are available.

Can also be used for measuring α-amylase in confectionery, soft drinks, brewing and fermentation, jams, sauces, conserves, ice cream and baby food.


Innovative recombinant technology and purification techniques have enabled Megazyme to produce and supply an extensive and continually expanding portfolio of highly pure enzymes that have widespread use in analytical, diagnostic and research applications throughout various industries.

We have a wide range of analytical enzymes, carbohydrate active enzymes and glycobiology enzymes applicable for food, feeds, cereals, brewing, wine and biofuels research.

Enzyme Substrates

Soluble chromogenic substrates are useful for the quantitative assay of enzyme solutions using the standard curve available for each product while insoluble chromogenic substrates are mostly employed qualitatively for the detection of specific enzyme activities in gels or plate screening experiments.

Colourimetric oligosaccharides are soluble, chemically defined, functionalised oligosaccharides that can be used for the specific assay of exo- or endo-glycosyl hydrolases and are suitable for use with automated analyzer systems.


Megazyme’s chromogenic substrates provide the most convenient methods for the assay of hydrolytic enzymes but as the native substrates, polysaccharides and oligosaccharides can give the truest insight into their mechanism of action, active site requirement, binding affinities and activities.

Polysaccharides can often be employed for reducing sugar or viscometric assays while oligosaccharides are widely used as chromatographic standards for HPLC/HPAEC-PAD analysis or as defined substrates in enzyme characterisation studies.

The MegaQuant™ Wave is available as a single item spectrophotometer (D-MQWAVE-1) or as the MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack (D-MQWAVE-2).

Megazyme Equipment

Analytical equipment used for the measurement of enzyme activity, biochemical enzyme assays, research and analytical applications.

The MegaQuant™ Wave is available as a single item spectrophotometer (D-MQWAVE-1) or as the MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack (D-MQWAVE-2).

For Dairy samples including milk, cream, whey protein, cheese, yogurt and infant formula. Other foodstuffs such as meat, fish may also be possible.

NEW PRODUCT – Carrez Clarification Kit

The Carrez Clarification Kit provides easy and ready to use reagents for the removal of interfering compounds such as proteins and fats from samples, allowing improved handling and more accurate measurement of target analytes such as carbohydrates and alcohols.

Application examples: Dairy samples including milk, cream, whey protein, cheese, yoghurt and infant formula. Other foodstuffs such as meat, fish may also be possible.