Introducing Neogen Analytics Essentials – Food Safety Data in Real-time

All-in-One Solution for Data Management, Analysis, and Audit-Ready Reporting.

Efficient. Effective. Essential – That’s Our Standard!

Unlimited Data Volume

Manage all your food safety data in a single platform.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users with actionable information from the cloud on any browser device and from any location

Unlimited Locations

Integrate unlimited testing data from your Neogen devices in use at any production facility

How does Neogen Analytics Essentials Compare?

Advanced features that others charge for are delivered at no additional cost.
Checks all of the boxes to get you started on your digital enablement of your testing program.

What we deliver
Unlimited Userscheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Unlimited Test Locationscheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Unlimited Data Volumecheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Unlimited Sample Plan Schedulingcheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
In-App ‘Always-On’ Supportcheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Interactive Floor Plan Mapscheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Dashboard Reports Integrating All Facilitiescheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Device Managementcheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Alerts and Notificationscheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page
Create/Import Test Pointscheckmark-icon_neogen-analytics_brand-page

The insights you need, when you need them

When action is required, time adds risk and costs money. Neogen Analytics Essentials combines data from multiple sources including Neogen Petrifilm® Plate Reader Advanced (PPRA) / LM1 Clean-Trace™ Luminometer, presents it in an easy-to-understand format, and alerts you to any potential problems in real time.
Some call that PREMIUM. We call it ESSENTIAL.

The software is provided at no additional cost to existing Petrifilm® Plate Reader Advanced (PPRA) / LM1 Clean-Trace™ Luminometer customers, or with the purchase of new PPRA/LM1 devices.

A single platform to capture and analyse all food safety and quality data.

The essential tools required by food safety managers for greater efficiency, certainty, and responsiveness are standard inclusions with Neogen Analytics Essentials.

Access via the Cloud

Map, manage, and analyse your EMP on Neogen Analytics Essentials

Our “always on” cloud connection seamlessly integrates with testing devices, pushing vital information to Neogen Analytics Essentials platform instantly. Information and data are then available to all users in real-time no matter where they are located.

Preventative Risk Management

Delivering automatic alerts based on data thresholds that you set and control.

This allows the right people to be alerted to action immediately as issues are emerging – BEFORE they grow into costly problems.

Intuitive Data Visualisation

Interactive maps show test results as they happen.

Test point mapping shows both current and historical data, providing instant visualisation of new and recurring hot spots as device diagnostic results sync to the cloud.

Support You Can Rely On!

Neogen Analytics Essentials is cloud-based and requires no IT involvement for set up. Neogen’s Technical team is always on-tap to assist with installation, combined with simple in-app user guides and videos for immediate and intuitive support.

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