Confidence Through Efficiency: Microbiological Indicator Solutions Across Industries

Today’s competitive landscape demands uncompromising product safety and quality across all industries. Microbiological indicator testing is your crucial line of defense, protecting consumers, preventing costly recalls, and achieving the highest quality standards. However, navigating complex workflows, making fast decisions, and choosing the right testing solutions can be challenging.

Here’s where Neogen comes in. We offer a comprehensive suite of microbiology testing solutions designed to streamline your processes, accelerate decision-making, and give you complete confidence in your food safety practices.

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Microbiology Indicator Testing Solutions

Streamlined Testing Solutions for Every Stage of Production

From raw materials to finished goods, the production process exposes products to various contamination risks. Neogen offers targeted solutions for each stage of the process. This ensures you have the right tools to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Raw Material Testing: The foundation of product safety starts with your raw materials. Our rapid screening tests identify harmful bacteria or spoilage organisms in incoming raw materials, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. We also offer confirmatory testing options for specific microorganisms.

In-Process Monitoring: Efficiently monitor hygiene throughout production with Petrifilm® plates and readers. For specific industries like dairy, Explore the Microbial Luminescence System (MLS) for rapid overall microbial activity assessment. Additionally, our complete water testing toolkit ensures the quality of your process water at every stage.

Finished Product Testing: Verify the absence of pathogens or spoilage organisms in the final product using traditional microbiology solutions or, when speed is crucial, leverage rapid testing systems like Soleris® Next Generation.

Sample Collection Supplies:High-quality sample collection is vital for accurate testing results. Neogen offers a wide range of collection tools to ensure you get the best possible samples from the start.

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Rapid Microbial Testing System for Spoilage & Indicator Organisms

Food processors can now achieve significantly faster time-to-results with Soleris® Next Generation. This innovative system delivers accurate results in just 48 hours, compared to the 5-7 days required by traditional plating methods. This translates to quicker quality control decisions, allowing for faster product releases and reduced waste.

The system is easy to use with pre-filled vials and software with results documented in a Certificate of Analysis. It tackles testing needs for a wide range of products – food, beverages, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals – detecting a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including coliforms, E. coli, and yeast.

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Indicator Organism Quantification with Petrifilm® | Newly Launched – Neogen’s Petrifilm® Automated Feeder

Petrifilm® testing solutions offer a streamlined approach to indicator organism testing, benefiting labs of all sizes. Unlike traditional agar methods, Petrifilm® Plates are ready to use, right out of the pack, helping you meet your sustainability goals by reducing water and energy consumption. A plate for almost any kind of count including Aerobic Count, Coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli and more.

The Petrifilm™ Plate Reader Advanced automatically reads and records results of Petrifilm™ Plates in just 6 seconds or less. This automatic data storage saves time, eliminates transcription errors and improves compliance. Trusted by food labs in 60+ countries with 105+ global validations, certifications and recognitions.

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NEW! The Colony Counter for the Modern Lab

For high-throughput labs, we’re excited to introduce the NEW Petrifilm® Automated Feeder! This innovative system automates Petrifilm plate reading, processing up to 300 plates in just 33 minutes. It streamlines workflow and frees up valuable staff time for other critical tasks in your lab.

Manual enumeration is a thing of the past. Welcome to the future!

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MLSII Microbial Luminescence System - Microbial screening

Microbial Luminescence System for UHT & ESL Beverage Testing

The Microbial Luminescence System (MLS) a microbial detection system that uses bioluminescence to rapidly detect microbes in Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) beverages and sterile dairy products.

Unlike traditional methods, MLS identifies a broad range of organisms – from bacteria to spores – within a rapid 48-hour timeframe. This enables quicker product release and contamination checks, making MLS ideal for sterility testing and quality control in the beverage and dairy industries.

The MLS UHT Beverage Screen Kit tackles a wide variety of UHT and ESL products, including dairy, dairy alternatives, fruit juices & caffeinated drinks, smoothies, infant/medical nutrition formulas, coconut water, and even soups & broths.

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Neogen Culture Media Solutions for Food Safety

Culture Media and Traditional Microbiology Solutions

Our extensive product range includes dehydrated culture media (DCM), pre-poured media plates, media supplements, Immunomagnetic separation (IMS) beads, and more.

With more than 250 dehydrated culture media (DCM) formulations, we produce media designed to support many industries with their testing including food, water, pharmaceutical and clinical – all compliant with international standards for accuracy and reliability. This portfolio caters to various testing needs, from confirmatory testing to isolation of specific microorganisms.

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Time & Temperature Indicators

The Neogen MonitorMark® Time Temperature Indicator solves the challenge of monitoring thermal exposure of temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage.

These indicators are an inexpensive, and provides a clear and permanent indication if the temperature exceeded a specific threshold, making it easy to see if there might be a quality or safety concern with the product. It works best when placed inside insulated shipping boxes near the product. The MonitorMark® Time Temperature Indicator can be used in an array of industries including food, pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary and chemical industries.

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Water Microbiology Solutions

Ensure regulatory compliance and protect your products from waterborne contamination. Our water testing solutions help you maintain optimal water quality at every stage of your production process, from beverages to wastewater.

Our user-friendly tests, such as Colitag™ for E. coli detection in process water, and Neogen® Culture Media with various formulations for standard water tests, provide the tools you need.

Gain confidence in your water quality monitoring with Neogen’s solutions.

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Pathogen Sampling Portfolio

Microbial Sample Collection Supplies

Better testing begins with better samples — and better samples are obtained when using quality sample collection tools.

Neogen makes microbial surface sampling easy and convenient with a wide variety of swabs, sponges, and transport bags. Standardise your testing with our convenient flip-top vials, pouches, or bottles containing a range of prepared media.

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