Livestock Production

Explore Neogen’s comprehensive range of livestock production supplies for livestock, helping Australian farmers and veterinarians raise health livestock.

Oral Supplements

Oral Supplements

Neogen’s Ideal® Animal Health brand offers a wide range of oral supplements for companion animals, equine, livestock and poultry. Neogen’s high quality nutritional additives, therapeutic treatments and recovery supplements provide you with the solutions to promote optimum animal health that is effective and economical.

Udder Creams and Balms

The sensitive skin on the udder is exposed to environmental changes, including moisture and changing temperatures. Due to these conditions the skin can easily become dry, chapped and sore. Cracks and chaffing can harbor bacteria, decreasing parlor hygiene effectiveness and possibly increasing the chances of mastitis. Neogen’s udder care products provide soothing, moisturizing and healing properties of aloe, lanolin and Vitamin E for cow health and comfort.

Wound Care

Wound Care

From simple scratches and lacerations to deep abscesses and surgical incisions, wounds are inevitable with animals. Providing timely and proper wound care is essential for quick recovery. Neogen offer a full line of safe and effective veterinary wound care products for short and long-term care and treatment. Neogen’s products include topical antiseptics, antibacterial ointments, coagulants and aluminum spray bandages.



Neogen offers a wide variety of bandage products designed for use by animal health professionals. From gauze to cohesive bandages, we’ve got you covered.

Surgical Supplies

Neogen’s line of medical and surgical supplies consists of a variety of sutures and scalpels. Neogen’s scalpels are made in a variety of sizes and blade material, with sterile and non-sterile options available.

Guidance & Handling

Guidance & Handling

Get a handle on your herd. Neogen offers a complete line of products for efficient and safe animal guidance and handling.

Castration & Docking

Neogen’s line of castration and docking instruments are designed to help producers and veterinarians handle animals safely and easily. We offer a variety of castration tools for your preferred method with everything from elastrators and bands, to castrating knives. We also offer scalpel blades and handles in our castration kits for those who prefer surgical castration methods. Our docking instruments include banding and mechanical including electric tail dockers and pig tail dockers.

Feeding & Watering

Feeding & Watering

Feeding and watering livestock is essential for any successful production operation. Take care of your animals with Neogen’s feeding and watering supplies. Our selection includes everything from the popular red screw on teat to feeding buckets with multiple teats, watering bowls, and calf weaners.

Ideal® I.V. Set

General Animal Care Supplies

Along with quality veterinary instruments and animal handling supplies, Neogen offers a complementary line of products to round out your animal care needs. Our offering includes products used in veterinary practices, in livestock operations and by livestock showmen. Included in our general products are emergency animal treatment tools, like IV sets, Infusion pumps and trocars for relieving bloat in cattle, to hand sheep shears and cowbells.

Hoof Care

Hoof Care

Hoof care is essential and Neogen provides a wide variety of quality hoof care tools and products to keep your cattle, horses, swine, sheep or goats moving soundly. Whether you are a professional hoof trimmer, farrier, producer or hobby farmer you can find what you need in Neogen’s hoof and leg care product line-up. This includes trusted brand names such as Easy Bloc, Demotec 95, SureBond, SyrFlex and Burgon & Ball — all known for their quality in every sense of the word.

Sorting & Marking

Identification & Marking

Being able to quickly and easily identify livestock is essential for livestock producers. Neogen provides a wide array of solutions for both permanent and non-permanent identification. Permanent livestock identification solutions include plastic ear tags, tattoo kits with a wide variety of accessories, and two sizes of ear notchers.  For temporary identification to mark animals for treatment, breeding, calving and lambing, etc. we offer reusable plastic and Velcro leg bands, marking sticks, livestock marking paints and dyes.



Neogen provides the highest quality and broadest range of needles for livestock producers and veterinarians. Neogen’s patented D3™ Detectable needle is the leader when it comes to meat industry safety. With a thick wall cannula and brass hub, needle breakage is greatly reduced over conventional and stainless needles. Our needles are ultra-sharp and designed specifically for animal use with metal inserts for strength and computer ground tri-beveled point and anti-coring tips for sharpness and durability. Needles are available with polypropylene and aluminum hubs and are color coded following ISO standards for easy identification of the gauge size.


Neogen’s line of syringes offers a broad spectrum of solutions to the animal health industry. From disposable syringes used in one time settings, to durable syringes built to last in the most rigorous animal production environments, Neogen has a variety of syringes available for any job.

Calving & Lambing

OB Equipment

Neogen’s various styles of calf pullers, including the well known Dr. Frank’s puller, help assist with difficult birthing situations. Our comprehensive line of calving and lambing equipment is ideal for large livestock operations, small farms and veterinary practices alike.

Semen Collection Vials

Semen Collection

Ideal’s ElectroJac 6 combines the best of more than 30 years experience in automated semen collection instrument design and manufacturing, with state-of-the-art technology, featuring its unique flexibility of automatic and manual settings, ElectroJac 6 is the perfect field unit for even hard-to-collect bulls.


Neogen provides a complete line of artificial insemination and breeding supplies that reproduction professionals trust. With over 30 years of experience in providing the tools for livestock semen collection and artificial insemination, we have built product lines that meet the Neogen quality standards professionals in the field count on to get the job done.


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