Neogen on the Road: Highlights from Autumn 2024

Hitting the ground running this autumn, our livestock team crisscrossed Australia to connect with producers across the country. Here’s a glimpse into what we learned and how we’re working to support your breeding goals.

A Winning Finale at Beef Australia 2024!

We wrapped up the busy season with a successful showing at Beef Australia 2024! Highlighting our commitment to the Australian beef industry:

  • We secured Naming Rights for the Neogen World Angus Forum in Brisbane, May 2025!
  • Launched RePRO BI: A multi-breed genomics test for tropical beef cattle, developed in partnership with Black Box Co. This test helps you select breeding stock that thrives in our climate.
  • Released “Demystifying DNA Technology”: A new guide to help you navigate the world of DNA technology and understand how DNA testing can improve your herd.

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Here’s what Neogen was up to at other key events this Autumn:

Wodonga Hereford National Show & Sale

At the Wodonga Hereford National Show & Sale, Neogen’s Senior Technical Product Specialist, Andrew Bryne joined Hereford Australia’s R&D Specialist, Hamish Chandler for a forum on the latest advancements in Hereford cattle breeding. Producers gained insights into new sustainability indexes, single step calving ease figures, and the growing role of genomics in Breedplan evaluations.

The forum also offered a sneak peek at Breedplan SELECT, a future tool that will allow breeders to leverage DNA to assess their cattle’s genetic potential.

The forum coincided with a bull sale, which saw 91 of 121 bulls sold! The grand champion fetched an impressive $46,000, and the average price reached a commendable $11,407!

Young Farmer Business Program Conference

NSW Genomics Territory Manager, Hannah Powe and QLD Genomics Territory Manager, Harrison Stewart joined the Young Farmer Business Program Conference at the University of New England to connect with future industry leaders.

The event covered a wide range of topics essential for young farmers, from leadership and finance to technology adoption and mental health.

Neogen’s booth aimed to raise awareness about DNA testing and its role in the future of agriculture. We had a chance to answer questions from both those new to DNA testing and seasoned producers curious about the latest sampling methods and commercial products.

The conference wasn’t all about classroom learning, either. Attendees enjoyed tours of the university’s research facilities and some participants even joined keynote speaker was Nedd Brockmann for an early morning run!

Wagyu Edge Conference 2024

This year’s Wagyu Edge Conference in Cairns was a hotbed of ideas for sustainable Wagyu breeding practices, integrating Wagyu into northern production systems, and using advanced reproductive technologies for genetic improvement.

Neogen was well-represented, with our team Neogen Genomic Sales Manager Hannah Bourke and QLD Territory Manager Harry Stewart joined by international colleagues Naoto Miyoshi from Japan and Yanan Wang and Changwei Qu from China, to learn more about the Australian Wagyu industry and the broader beef industry.

The excitement for the future of Wagyu was palpable, and we’re already looking forward to the 2025 conference in Perth.

Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association Conference 2024

Our participation in the Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association Conference in Alice Springs in March, provided an excellent platform for Neogen Australasia to establish a stronger presence in a new region. Our R&D Manager Karen Schutt and QLD Territory Manager Harry Stewart attended the event, it was an excellent opportunity for networking and expanding our reach into an area where our representation has been limited.

A key aspect of the conference was the trade show, fostering interaction between attendees and companies. It showcased solutions for boosting sustainability and cattle station productivity. Neogen Australasia directly engaged with industry professionals, discussing their range of genomics tests for Northern herds and their impact on breeder selection.

We’re excited to build on these new connections and support the Territory’s beef community.

Angus Australia Export Capability Building Workshop

In preparation for the upcoming Neogen World Angus Forum in May 2025, Angus Australia and Investment NSW teamed up to deliver export capability building workshops across New South Wales. Our NSW Genomics Territory Manager, Hannah Powe attended the Tamworth session on April 18th.

These workshops provided seedstock Angus producers with a comprehensive overview of exporting their cattle. Topics ranged from the basics of export, like common challenges and planning strategies, to accessing support and navigating the intricacies of export certification, including sample collection procedures.

From a genetic testing standpoint, the sessions fostered interesting discussions. Producers inquired about the reasons for varying regulations across different countries, how to navigate the transfer of DNA profiles internationally, and the importance of building strong communication and relationships throughout the export/import process.

Angus Australia Producer Workshop & AGM

Following the workshops, Angus Australia hosted a producer workshop in Albury, led by their extension team Jake Phillips and Hanlie Jansen

On May 22nd at Albury, Angus Australia hosted a producer workshop led by  from their extension team. The workshop served as a refresher for both stud and commercial Angus producers on the importance of setting breeding goals and how to integrate genomics into their operations.

NSW Genomics Territory Manager, Hannah Powe observed a high level of engagement, with producers inquiring about optimal testing times, the stability of genomically enhanced EBVs, opportunities for dairy-beef cross breeding testing, and how they could leverage commercial genomics products to add even more value for their clients. The workshop concluded with the Angus Australia AGM.

In other news:

Sheep Genetics Analysis Enhancements 2024: A Leap Forward!

The 2024 Sheep Genetics analysis enhancements are a significant step forward for MerinoSelect and Lambplan analyses. The expansion of the genomic breed reference for both terminal and maternal breeds allows for a wider range of sheep populations to benefit from the power of genomics.

This includes breeds like Ultra White, Australian Whites, Composite Shedders, and various Composite Terminals. Visit Sheep Genetics for a full breakdown of these enhancements and their implications.

That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap on our whirlwind tour of Autumn events! We’re energised by the conversations we’ve had and the innovative ideas we’ve encountered. We’re committed to keeping you informed about the latest advancements and best practices in animal breeding.

Stay tuned for more updates from Neogen as we continue to travel the country and connect with you, our valued producers.