Enhance your livestock operation for the next generation with comprehensive DNA testing solutions. Select for disease resistance, drought tolerance, improved meat quality, increased production, and enhanced profitability. Tailored options for most livestock producers including bovine, dairy, and sheep producers across Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today.

NEOGEN GENOMICS: Find DNA Tests by Species

Neogen Australasia offers comprehensive and cost-effective genomic solutions tailored specifically for seedstock & commercial beef producers.

  • GGP Bovine 100K
  • GGP TropBeef 50K
  • AngusGS
  • Angus Heifer Select
  • Wagyu Feeder Check
  • Igenity Beef Profile
  • SeekSire Parentage
  • Bovine Horn Poll
  • Genetic Conditions & Traits

Genomic testing from Neogen gives dairy producers a strategic advantage generation after generation. Dairy profile results determine which dairy females are best suited to breed for replacements. Learn more below about the best DNA testing options for your dairy operation.

  • Igenity Aussie Select
  • Igenity Select
  • Igenity Essential
  • Igenity Basic

By choosing rams and ewes with the best genetic traits, you can improve the future generations of your flock. These improvements can include better wool production, higher meat quality, and stronger breeding capabilities. Find out more about our customised sheep DNA solutions for your breeding programs.

  •  GGP Ovine 50K
  • Sheep Parentage
  • Flock Profile Test
  • Sheep Poll Test

Neogen Australasia offers DNA testing solutions for stud breeders, commercial producers and goat researchers in the Asia Pacific region. Contact us today to discuss your goat breeding or research goals.

  • Goat SNP Parentage
  • GGP Goat 70K

Neogen Australasia, in partnership with Orivet Genetic Care, offers comprehensive genomic testing solutions for canine and feline breeders and owners.

Genetic improvement has played a role in improving nearly every production efficiency trait evaluated in livestock, including pigs. Developed in collaboration with top corporate and research scientists, Neogen Australasia offers DNA testing solutions for commercial pig producers and researchers built on the foundation of the most widely used porcine assays.

The Bovine Horn-Poll test involves testing animals that are phenotypically polled, and identifying those that are predicted to be homozygous polled animals.

Neogen Australasia has worked closely with registered breed associations to create comprehensive and cost-effective genomic solutions tailored specifically for seedstock cattle of each breed.