Neogen: Your Trusted Partner for Goat DNA Testing 

Neogen Australasia provides advanced DNA testing for goat breeders and researchers in the Asia Pacific and beyond. We offer two in-depth tests to understand your herd’s genetics better.

Benefits for Breeders and Researchers:

Confident Breeding Decisions: Select breeding stock with the best traits based on reliable parentage information and in-depth genetic analysis.
Reduce Inbreeding Risks: Maintain healthy herds by avoiding breeding practices that can lead to health problems.
Improved Herd Management: Keep accurate records and track the lineage of your goats.
Enhanced Research: Explore goat population genetics and identify the best animals for your research projects.

We can also support you in setting up a customised genetic evaluation program.

Goat SNP Parentage Test confirms parentage, ensuring informed breeding decisions and a healthier herd by reducing inbreeding risks and maintaining accurate records.

GGP Goat 70K explores more than just parentage. It analyses 70,000 single points of variation in the DNA (SNPs) to provide a deep look at your goats’ genetic makeup. Improve breeding programs, find superior animals, and open new research possibilities with the GGP Goat 70K.

There’s a lot behind our name

For over 40 years, Neogen® has been committed to animal health and well-being in Australia and across the world, which is why we offer only the best products and customised solutions—the names you know and trust.