GGP Porcine Genomic Portfolio

GGP Porcine HD

Developed in collaboration with the top corporate and research scientists, the GeneSeek Genomic Profiler (GGP) for Porcine is a powerful DNA testing solution for commercial pig producers and researchers.

Product NameDescriptionTest Info
GGP_Porcine HDGGP Porcine HDGenomic data only
HALPorcine Stress Syndrome (HAL) – Paid add-on testAvailable only when requesting GGP_Porcine_HD
RNRendement Napole (RN) Add-on TestAvailable only when requesting GGP_Porcine_HD
F4Resistance marker to E. coli (F4 ab/ac) – Add-on TestAvailable only when requesting GGP_Porcine_HD
GGP_Por_TRAITS_BDLGGP Porcine HD, includes report for HAL, RN, F4, Growth and Meat Quality, Litter Size
PVPorcine Parentage VerificationAvailable when requesting GGP_Porcine_HD.
NOTE: Sire and/or Dam nominations must have been previously run on GGP Porcine HD or have compatible SNP profiles.
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