Flock Profile Sheep DNA Test

Flock Profile Test

The Flock Profile Test results deliver genomic predicted breeding values, scaled to ASBVs, allowing you to compare the flock average to the industry average. This genomic test is available only for the Merino breed.

Why test with Neogen?
  • Australia’s largest and leading provider of genomic testing of cattle and sheep
  • Our expertise is built on our dedicated and knowledgeable local staff who live and work in the rural communities they are serve.
  • Using cutting edge and innovative technologies, Neogen provides reliable, rapid and affordable genomic information that helps livestock producers raise healthier animals and have more productive herds
  • Don’t send your DNA samples overseas – test locally with Neogen for faster results and customised service!
  • At Neogen – our service starts with understanding your business!
Breeds SupportedMerino
SpeciesSheep, Ovine
Data Reported
Turnaround Times5-6 weeks from receipt of DNA samples
Add-On Tests Available
Data Results

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