Farm Hygiene and Disinfectant Cleaners

NEOGEN’s line of Hygiene products for Clean in Place and Bulk Tanks includes both alkaline and acid detergents as well as specialty products for residue and buildup. Tetradyne dairy chemicals are formulated to keep your milking equipment clean and residue free. We offer a variety of strengths that can be used in combinations of daily use and shock treatments as needed.

Using the alkaline, acidic and sanitizing products in combination, as recommended, will help keep your equipment bacteria counts low and your milk quality high.

Manual Cleaners

Neogen’s manual cleaners range includes a liquid all-purpose concentrated cleaner for all types of general and manual cleaning with high foaming properties. We also offer a foaming Acid cleaner and brightener that is recommended for foaming applications on equipment, floors and walls. Let stand and rinse with high pressure wash.


This range of products include a concentrated liquid laundry detergent for washing soiled rags in dairy farms.

CIP (Clean-in-Place) & Bulk Tank Cleaners

Proper and thorough pipeline and bulk tank cleaning is essential milk safety and quality. NEOGEN’s selection of high quality cleaners and detergents are designed to perform in any system with exceptional results and are available with chlorinated, non-chlorinated and powdered products.

Liquid Chlorinated Cleaners

A series of pipeline and bulk tank cleaners containing sodium hydroxide, polymers, water conditioners and chlorinating agent.

Non-Chlorinated CIP Cleaner

A series of concentrated, heavy duty pipeline and bulk tank cleaners built with sodium hydroxide, water conditioners and inhibitors.

Powder CIP Cleaners

A series of pipeline and bulk tank cleaners formulated with sodium hydroxide, water softeners, dispersants and chlorinating agent. Tetrabase-P3 & P4 are the
“everyday” workhorse for most CIP cleaning applications.

Teat Dips & Udder Washes

NEOGEN’s Tetradyne line of pre-dips, post-dips and udder washes help producers combat the economic implications of mastitis. Mastitis not only can result in production loss, but can also effect reproductive efficiency. Our line has a variety of actives and conditioners allowing the dairyman to select the best products to meet his herd health goals and climate conditions

BioSentry® Universal Barn Cleaner

BioSentry Universal Barn Cleaner is a biodegradable, effective general-purpose cleaner for use dairy barns, farm premises and hutches.
Compatible in use with phenolic, quaternary, chlorinated, peroxide and iodine disinfectants. Quickly removes grime, grease, protein and fatty oils.

  • Active: Surfactant and chelating agent
  • Use: General purpose alkaline foaming cleaner for farm premise and housing facilities
  • Activity: Removes grime, grease, proteins and fatty soils
  • Application: Foaming, high pressure washing or manual cleaning


Synergize is a multi-purpose disinfectant-cleaner formulated for use in animal and poultry housing facilities. It is also formulated for use on the following equipment in these facilities: waterers, feeders, hauling vehicles and equipment, farrowing barns, nurseries, blocks, creep areas and chutes. Synergize is also for use in farm premise, equine facilities, calf pens and farm vehicles.

  • Active: Quaternary ammonium/glutaraldehyde
  • Use: Veterinary clinics, animal care facilities, calf pens, vehicles, etc.
  • Activity: Kills gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Application: Mechanical sprayer, fogging, soaking, use in boot baths and vehicles


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