DNA testing is a fast reliable way management tool that utilises genetic information to determine an animal’s genetic potential and performance over its life span. Knowing the genetic merit of an animal at young age allows producers to make more informed breeding decisions to gain better production outcomes from their herd. In fact, DNA testing lets you know the full genetic potential of an animal before it even reaches sexual maturity. Allowing you to determine its performance over 7 lactations before the animal is even in the breeding herd.

Before DNA testing you should have clear breeding objectives and what you would like to achieve within your herd. Good genetics are fundamental to your herd and operation when considering the profitability and production of animals. A structured breeding program can be a highly cost-effective way to improving the overall performance of your herd. Animals should be ranked and selected according to their suitability for the farm and its breeding objectives. A healthy productive cow is profitable a cow, with multiple traits relating to health, fertility, production and efficiency, you can focus on traits important to your herd.

Neogen offers a number of DNA test options to dairy producers to cater for their needs and market opportunities. Depending on the producers breeding objectives and goals would depend on which product is best for you and your herd.

Neogen’s IGENITY Aussie Select is an excellent genomic decision-making tool created specifically for Australian dairy producers and is supported by the DataGene evaluation. Delivering over 40 important traits for health, yield, fertility, and type, plus Australian based indices such as Balance Performance Index, Health Weighted Index and Sustainability Index. It is designed to facilitate herd improvement and genetic gain, whilst delivering results in an easy-to-use manner for easy data interpretation and simplified selection.  IGENITY Aussie Select also enables producers to create customises indexes to reflect traits that matter most to their business.

IGENITY Select provides a comprehensive genetic profile available for dairy cattle. It includes 50 traits received from the CDBC evaluation and includes content for coat colour, milk components and genetic conditions. IGENITY Select offers dairy farmers highly reliable results to for animals selection and cost-conscious producers. Results are displayed on a unique, easy to use customizable dashboard, which allows producers to rank the cows in their herd but also create custom indexes to reflect the traits that matter most to your business.



Most producers want to improve more than one trait at once. Indexes take into account multiple traits and facilitate multi-trait selection by combining them into a single value. The overall score for an index is relative to economic values for traits that influence fertility, production, health and profitability. Depending on what traits are important to your breeding objectives is dependent on what index is suitable for your herd. Neogen’s dashboard allows you to build and create indexes to customised to your breeding goals.

The short answer is no. To get started you will need an applicator and these can be sourced from Neogen.

TSUs are designed so that each sample has its own vial and cutter which reduces the risk of sample contamination. Each TSU has its own unique ID that can be linked to the animal’s ear tag, these can easily be recorded onto farm software packages.

Neogen’s lab will also accept hair or semen samples



To get started with IGENITY, contact your Local Neogen Territory Manager . They will provide you with the best advice on what products are best suited for you and your herd, and step you through your DNA testing journey.