Equine Care Supplies

Neogen offers comprehensive equine care solutions to improve your horse’s health. Keep your equine companions healthy with our expert solutions like antibiotics, vaccines, and supplements partnering with you and your veterinarian. Our wide variety of equine supplies like fly control, grooming products, hoof care, and more offer everything you need to care for your horses.

Disinfectant portfolio


Neogen’s COMPANION™ line of products includes a portfolio of disinfectants applicable to people, animals, and veterinary hospitals. With wipes, soap, sanitizers, and more, these solutions help enable safer environments for animals and the people who care for them.



Our broad needle selection is sure to fit your needs. Choose from stainless steel, detectable, and disposable needles.


Our portfolio offers automatic, disposable, pole, repeater, reusable, and semi-automatic syringes to assist you in animal care.

Hoof Care

Hoof Care

We offer elastic adhesive stretches that easily conforms to any shape without restriction of movement.

Antibiotics & Oral Supplements

Antibiotics & Oral Supplements

Our comprehensive oral supplements help improve your animals’ health including cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, and cats. We offer many antibiotics for improving animal health and treating a wide range of bacterial infections and health concerns.


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