Optimise Your Environmental Monitoring Programs to Work More Efficiently

Environmental monitoring (EM) is a critical process in food safety, involving sampling and testing to assess your production environment for pathogens, spoilage organisms, and allergens. It forms an essential part of an Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP), vital for preventing cross-contamination. EMPs serve as an early warning system to identify contaminants before they spread, ensuring the safety and quality of the food you produce.

A Complete Hygiene Monitoring System for Food & Beverage Industries

Keeping people safe from food contamination is a big responsibility. You need the right information to make the right call, fast. But relying on just looking things over or waiting for lab tests isn’t enough. You need a dependable system that gives you quick results. That’s where Neogen’s environmental monitoring solutions come in.

Our hygiene monitoring systems verify cleanliness across industries, ensuring effective sanitation from food manufacturing to healthcare. Rapid allergen and pathogen testing identifies contamination issues, while Neogen® Analytics software provides food manufacturers with advanced data management capabilities through cloud access, automated workflows, and reporting analytics.

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Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System

Neogen’s Clean-Trace™ simplifies hygiene monitoring. Long, flexible swabs access hard-to-reach areas. One-handed activation makes sampling effortless.

The redesigned luminometer delivers faster, reliable results. Included software helps analyse data and pinpoint contamination sources for quicker corrective actions. Learn More

AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation

Neogen’s AccuPoint® NG system verifies cleaning effectiveness on-site. This handheld tool measures ATP on surfaces and liquids, eliminating the need for lab testing.

The unique flat head samplers ensure thorough sample collection, even breaking through biofilms for complete bacteria detection.

Sample Collection Supplies

From everyday swabs, bags and sponges to specialised tools, Neogen offers everything you need for collecting thorough microbial surface sampling, environmental and product sampling from any location.

The environmental scrub sampler scrapes surfaces to gather complete samples, even in areas with biofilm buildup. View the Brochure

Back to Basics Information Series for Hygiene Monitoring

Get background knowledge on ATP testing, the technology behind the Clean-Trace System and its use within environmental monitoring with our free Back to Basics series.

Environmental Monitoring Assessment

Environmental Monitoring Assessment

Take this 5-min assessment to understand key focus areas that help mitigate risk and gain valuable insights into how to improve your hygiene monitoring program today. Get Started

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Get the accuracy you need without the wait time of other methods.


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