Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System

Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System

Clean-Trace ATP Tests feature an intuitive design that’s easy to use and implement, with a long, flexible shape, allowing you to swab even difficult-to-reach areas. And the sleek, portable swabs are easy to activate with one hand. The newly redesigned Clean-Trace Luminometer features improved ease of use, faster time to
result and simple, one-handed operation. Its ergonomic design makes testing simple, minimizing training time and costs. And with a higher degree of repeatability and lower variability, you’ll get accurate results you can count on. The Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Management Software features a redesigned dashboard for a quick and easy way to create, store and retrieve reports, turns data into information, helping you identify root causes and take action quickly.

AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG)

AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation

NEOGEN®’s new AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG) is a complete sanitation monitoring system comprising a handheld instrument, innovative samplers, and data manager software, designed to verify your cleaning processes by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Designed to verify your cleaning processes by detecting adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on a surface or in liquids, such as cleaning rinse waters. The method allows you to verify your cleaning processes on-site have been effective in minutes without the need for lab testing. The AccuPoint surface samplers provide precise recovery of ATP by utilising a unique flat head design, increasing surface contact for greater recovery of any potential ATP, and breaking through biofilms to expose otherwise difficult bacteria to detect.

Sample Collection Supplies

Sample Collection provides quality products designed specifically for microbial surface sampling. Make environmental testing and product sampling easy and convenient with our full line of products including precision-designed sponges, swabs, bags and preparation tool

Environmental Scrub Sampler

Environmental Scrub Sampler

Environmental Scrub Sampler Stick with 10 mL Wide Spectrum Neutralizer are a ready-to-use in the food and beverage industry for environmental microbial surface sampling. Environmental Scrub Sampler combines an innovative design and high-tech materials into a sampling device. Its function integrates a scouring feature that enables disruption of organic build up including biofilm and effective sample pick-up. It can maintain the viability of organisms for up to 96 hours if the sample is kept at 2 – 8°C.


Convenient and quick collection device for environmental sampling and testing over small surface areas.

  • Letheen Broth vial is ready to use for pathogen testing of environmental samples.
  • Swab reaches into corners and hard-to-reach areas for increased accuracy.
  • Convenient design helps improve sampling consistency from tech-to-tech and plant-to-plant.
  • Bottles have ample headspace for sample addition and vortexing.
  • Self-contained swab and vial for increased productivity and efficiency

Environmental monitoring is a critical aspect of maintaining safety and regulatory compliance across various industries in Australia. One of the key tools in this area is ATP testing, which allows for quick and accurate measurement of microbial contamination. With the ever-increasing focus on hygiene and cleanliness, ATP testing has become an essential part of quality control in industries such as food and beverage, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Industries We Serve – Our ATP testing devices cater to a wide range of industries including Food Services & Catering, Fruits & Vegetables, Grain & Oilseed Milling Sector, Meat, Prepared & Processed Foods, Seafood, Water, Confectionary, Dairy, Eggs, Nutraceuticals, Poultry, Pet Food & Animal Feed, Bakery, Beverage & Bottled Water, Chemicals.

Neogen® AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation and Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring systems are versatile and can be customised to meet the specific needs of each industry. Our solutions ensure that the environment is free from harmful pathogens, thereby maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality in the products and services offered by these industries.

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