Food Safety Solutions for Dairy Processing – Don’t just keep up. Stay ahead.

The dairy processing industry is regulated and dairy product manufacturers are expected to meet quality standards. Therefore, the need for food safety testing solutions that deliver rapid, confident and reliable results is critical.

Neogen’s Food Safety Solutions support segments of the dairy industry from raw milk to finished dairy products including milk, cheese, butter, cultured products, ice cream, powdered infant formula, UHT processing and dry ingredients. These solutions are designed to help dairy processors maximise accuracy, consistency and efficiency with access to expert local technical support resources.

Our dairy testing solutions allow you to effectively manage dairy residues, detect indicator organisms and pathogens, and environmental monitoring programs while driving efficiency across your facility.

Push your business even further by partnering with Neogen Food Safety for Dairy Processing. With our complete testing solutions, you can meet and exceed testing requirements and your customers’ expectations. Learn more about our total solutions for the Dairy Processing Industry

Testing for pathogens

Neogen’s food testing portfolio allows you to test for pathogens including (but not limited to): Salmonella, Listeria, Listeria monocytogenes, Cronobacter, and E. coli including O157: H7.

Our broad portfolio of pathogen solutions allows you to test products and environments in a way that suits you and your laboratory, with everything from traditional culture media to innovative molecular detection systems.

Microbiological Indicator Testing

For decades, Neogen® has been a trusted provider of rapid, accurate, easy-to-use, AOAC approved microbiological solutions. From culture media to newly expanded technologies — we’ve got you covered.

Neogen’s comprehensive portfolio is sure to meet your needs whether you’re looking for traditional microbial solutions, in-house validation units, filtration testing solutions, pathogen tests, or water microbiology products. Our extensive range of microbiological solutions allow you to identify and isolate indicator organisms including, Coliforms, E.coli, Lactic Acid, Enterobacteriaceae, Salmonella spp., Total Viable Count, Yeast, Mould and more.

Mycotoxin Testing Solutions

At dairy processing operations, analysing inbound raw materials for aflatoxin M1 quickly is critical. Testing for the presence of aflatoxin M1 helps to avoid aflatoxin contamination in your finished product. 

For high or low throughput users looking for qualitative or quantitative results, we have a solution for you. As your mycotoxin testing partner, we offer qualitative screening tests for fast visual results perfect for onsite detection of aflatoxin and aflatoxin M1. Our quantitative tests, provide exact levels for a wide range of toxins including aflatoxin, DON, ochratoxin, zearalenone, T-2/HT-2 toxin, and fumonisin

For dairy products such as milk, milk powder, butter, or cheese, we offer a rapid ELISA test for the detection of aflatoxin M1 at 5–100 ppt in just 45 minutes, and lateral flow options for rapid screening in five minutes. These tests are designed to be easy to use with minimal training and meet regional regulations across the globe.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Maintaining effective sanitation and environmental monitoring programs is vital for your food safety program. Keep your processing running smoothly, and gain confidence in your cleaning and testing protocols with our environmental monitoring programs and ATP sanitation verification systems.

Our newly expanded advanced systems and comprehensive software’s give you greater insight into your data and allows for verification of cleaning effectiveness, identifies potential issues early, and improve overall hygiene.

Dairy & Infant Formula Analytical Solutions

Megazyme’s signature assay kits allow manufacturers to measure key parameters such as sugars, acids and carbohydrates in a convenient and cost-effective way. Researched and manufactured in-house, our products have attracted worldwide acclaim for their novel methodologies and the exceptional purity of their enzymes.

The Megazyme range features products for the measurement of important analytes in dairy products and infant formula, including: Lactose, Lactic Acid, Urea/Ammonia, Fructan and Fructan and Fructo-oligosaccharides.

Water Testing Solutions

Dairy Source Water Testing with Colitag™

Colitag™ is relied upon by water testing laboratories worldwide to help ensure clean, safe water.

Colitag is an easy-to-use, presence-absence enzyme-substrate test for determining total coliform and E. coli in water samples. Our solution can detect as low as 1 CFU of total coliform and E. coli in a 100 mL water sample.

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