Dairy Genomic Solutions

Raising dairy heifers can be a significant expense, but with the help of DNA testing and animal genetic evaluations, you can enhance your animal selection process and improve your herd’s genetic potential. Genomic testing offers you the opportunity to make in-herd selection decisions with data that backs the physical records. This allows you to pinpoint various key traits for your herd to make more informed decisions to select and rank heifers while benchmarking your herd for production, type, and health against the breed average.

At Neogen, we offer various dairy genomic tests that cater to different needs. Our DNA tests are designed for the Australian and New Zealand dairy cattle industry, and we support Holstein, Jersey, Red, Guernsey, and Brown Swiss cattle breeds.

Igenity Aussie Select DNA test

Igenity Aussie Select

Igenity Aussie Select is supported by DataGene to give accurate results centered around the Australian market and provides indices such as BPI, HWI and SI. The results from Igenity Aussie Select include over 40 traits received from the DataGene evaluation. The test is easy to use, customizable, and includes Parent Verification. The Igenity Aussie Select supports Holstein, Jersey, Red cattle breeds.

Igenity Select for Dairy Farmers

Igenity Select

Igenity Select provides a streamlined genomic profile of your herd with over 50 traits for coat color, milk components, and genetic conditions. This test supports 5 major dairy breeds including Ayrshire, Holstein, Brown swiss, Guernsey, Jersey  cattle breeds, and includes parent verification. Includes Parent Verification (must provide a list of possible sires and dams)

Igenity Essential for Key Traits in Dairy Production

Igenity Essential

Igenity Essential focuses on key essential traits for heifer replacement and dairy production for your herd. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional evaluations and delivers data faster than any other test on the market. It provides CDCB supported breeding values on 15 key traits and allows you to utilise indexes important for your milk production and market. Igenity Essential is only suitable for female animals. Males will not obtain results. Igenity Essential supports both Holstein and Jersey cattle breeds

Igenity Basic for Advanced Selection and Mating Decisions

Igenity Basic

Igenity Basic is a genomic testing tool for crossbred breeders featuring 14 traits most important to dairy production and scoring animals from 1-10 based on their genetic merit. This test empowers advanced selection and mating decisions to improve herd productivity including the bottom line. The Igenity Basic test supports all breeds of dairy cattle.