Reveal Your Herd’s Potential: Neogen Dairy Genomics

Neogen Australasia is your complete dairy partner, helping you get the most out of your Australian dairy farm. Our flagship product, Igenity Aussie Select, is a custom-designed genomic testing solution built for the Australian market. It provides you with valuable insights to make confident breeding decisions and maximise the genetic potential of your herd.

Breed for Health, Fertility and Profitability

Breeders typically invest in raising all heifers, but some may not reach their full potential, leading to wasted resources and lower profitability.
Raise healthier herds, boost productivity, and achieve greater profitability with Neogen’s customised DNA solutions. Here’s how:

  • Select high-potential heifers: Identify top performers early on, saving money by focusing on heifers with the greatest genetic potential.
  • Smarter breeding decisions: Choose the right heifers to keep, buy, or sell based on their unique genetic makeup.
  • Accelerated genetic improvement: Improve herd traits in areas like fertility, milk production and quality ( including A2/A2), and overall health.
  • Accurate animal identification: Reduce pedigree errors, manage inbreeding and establish pedigrees in herds with inadequate records.

Igenity Aussie Select is supported by DataGene to give accurate results centered around the Australian market. It provides industry-standard indexes like BPI (Breeding Price Index), HWI (Health Weighted Index), and SI (Selection Index).

Gain a comprehensive genomic profile of your herd with over 50 traits, including coat color, milk components, and genetic conditions.

This cost-effective option is ideal for commercial heifer selection, focusing on key traits essential for herd replacement and dairy production.

Designed for crossbred breeders, Igenity Basic supports all dairy cattle breeds and evaluates 14 key production traits. Animals are scored from 1 to 10 based on their genetic merit.

How to collect samples?

Collecting DNA samples from your herd is easy and can be done during routine procedures like ear tagging or disbudding. We offer a variety of options, including tissue sample kits and hair cards. Contact us to request your sample collection supplies today!

How are you making your breeding decisions today?

Did you know? Traditionally, farmers relied on data collected over multiple milking cycles (lactations) to understand a heifer’s actual performance. Addtionally, dairy producers considered the performance of the parents to predict offspring potential.

Genomic testing offers a powerful advantage. By testing heifers at a young age, you gain insights comparable to having herd data from seven lactations! It is more than twice as reliable as breeding values based on pedigree alone.

In simpler terms, genomic testing gives you a much clearer picture of a heifer’s potential much earlier in its life, allowing you to make better breeding and herd management decisions.

Want to learn more about the science behind genomic testing in dairy cattle?

Demystifying DNA Technology: A Livestock Breeders Guide to Genomic Selection is a great resource for those new to the concept of genomics in dairy farming. This detailed resource explores the fundamental concepts of DNA, genomic selection methodology, and the advantages it offers for breeders like yourself.