Beef Genomic Solutions

Using genomic testing in beef cattle operations allows early prediction of genetic merit and increases the value of young breeding stock. Some of the traits of interest are expensive to measure e.g. reproductive traits, feed efficiency, or tenderness.

SeekSire™ Cattle Parentage

The SeekSire™ Cattle Parentage test utilises a 500 SNP panel to determine the parentage of calves. This test is ideal for commercial and stud operations for all beef breeds. This test takes the guesswork out of knowing which calves from multi-sire groups belong to specific bulls and confirms the parentage of embryo and AI calves.

Supported Breeds: Commercial and stud operations for all beef breeds.

Cattle Add-on DNA Test

Breed Specific Genomic Bundles

Neogen Australasia and your breed society have worked together to create bundles that include genomic profiles, parentage and genetic conditions that are relevant to your breed. These bundles represent excellent value for money and provide you with results you can use today as well as results to use for your herd’s future.

GGP 50K Genomic Test

GGP Bovine 100K

The GGP Bovine 100K test is a powerful tool for seed stock producers in Australia and New Zealand. With a 100K genomic profile, including parentage verification, the GGP100K provides accurate information on relevant production and recessive traits.

Supported Breeds: All beef breeds

GGP 50K Genomic Test

GGP TropBeef 50K

The GGP TropBeef 50K test is a powerful selection tool that combines next-generation bovine genotyping technologies with local expertise to help producers make informed breeding decisions, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Supported Breeds: Brahman, Santa Gertrudis, Tropical Composite, Droughtmaster

Igenity Basic Genomic Test

Igenity® Beef Profile

The Igenity Beef Profile test is designed for the commercial breeder for the crossbred market. It allows producers to rank their herd to identify superior genetics, with 17 traits including calving ease, birth-weight, and marbling.  Parentage & BVDV are available as add-on tests.

Supported Breeds: Commercial crossbreed cattle

Wagyu Feeder Check

A commercial DNA genomic test designed for Wagyu content beef cattle to determine low genetic merit animals and help eliminate these from long-fed feedlot finishing programs.

AngusGS Genomic Test for Angus Cattle

Angus GS

Angus GS, exclusively to Angus breeders through Angus Australia. This test utilizes a high-density 72K genomic chip, designed specifically for Angus cattle by Angus Genetics Inc. With over 10,000 Angus specific markers, this test is the ideal solution for any Angus breeder looking to invest in the future of their herd and breed.

Supported Breeds: Angus

Angus HeiferSELECT

Angus HeiferSELECT

Angus HeiferSELECT is a genomic selection tool to help inform the selection of Angus replacement females (87.5% Angus content or greater) in a commercial beef breeding operation.

Cattle Add-on DNA Test

Bovine Horn/Poll

Bovine Horn/Poll test is a standalone test or can be ordered alongside our other products. This test is used to identify animals that are homozygous polled (PP), making it an effective selection tool to select polled animals within your breeding herd.

Supported Breeds: All major beef breeds

Cattle Add-on DNA Test

Genetic Conditions

Genetic condition tests are offered for major beef breeds. Some of the most common tests offered are Coat Colour (black/red), Tenderness, Myostatin, Breed specific recessive genetic conditions (Speak to your local Neogen territory manager)